Shijiazhuang Zhenhua Glass Lining Repair Co., Ltd. of Hebei Province, PRC is mainly engaged in research on anticorrosion coating used in highly corrosive environments of chemical plants including hot applied zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, alloy powder, ceramic powder. With help and support from many users of glass lined equipments, the company, after twenty three years’ efforts, has developed a new repair technology for glass lined equipments by melting applied ceramic powder with oxyacetylene and adding FufuningTM restoration agent. With the birth of the repair technology, on-site repairing of damaged glass lined equipment becomes practicable. Till now, the company has made urgent repair on several thousand pieces of damaged glass lined equipment and relieved the clients from disassembly, reinstallation and even replacement of damaged glass lined equipment, reducing tremendous loss incurred due to damaged equipment, and hence making outstanding contributions to energy saving and carbon dioxide discharge reducing.